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Kuv muaj cov muaj rab peev xwm ntawm kev coach koj nyob txhua qhov chaw koj nyob hauv lub ntiaj teb no. Yog hais tias koj nyob rau sab qab zog Florida, Kuv yuav coach koj xis nyob me ntsis tso koj tsev, koj chaw ua hauj lwm, los yog peb txog qhov twg lwm koj xaiv tau coached ntawm kuv! Yog koj tsis yog chaw, Kuv yuav coach koj video sablaj los yog lwm yam lawm no, uas yuav tau cia kom zoo thiab haum. Nws yog kuv lub hom phiaj los pab koj nyob hauv conceiving cov pw ua niam txiv ntawm tus me nyuam kawm ntse.

Kuv yog nplooj siab yuav hloov koj lub neej! Kuv tau lees tias nws! Kuv twb tso rau hauv ntawv! Tab sis ntxiv tias tom qab...

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Hnub no, heev neeg puas kam nqis peev pab heev me ntsis sij hawm thiab nyiaj txiag rau lawv lub cev qoj nrog trainers tus kheej, hli gym memberships, thiab cov zoo li. Thov koj tsis txhob kis tau kuv lawm. Qoj cev tseem ceeb heev rau kuv thiab. Txawm li cas los, yog muaj cov me nyuam, thiab yeej tseem yog, cov tseem ceeb tshaj plaws kuv puas txiav txim nyob rau hauv kuv lub neej. Kuv tsis xav tias leej twg los yuav tsis pom zoo nrog qhov uas. Tej kav ntev txiav deserved lub sijhawm, zog, nraim kuv muab nws rau cov nyuam, thiab cov pab tus tub los ntxhais tus me ab kuv xaiv. Yog hais tias ib tug menyuam uas tus tub los ntxhais kawm yog ib qho tseem ceeb rau koj conceiving, ces yog vim li cas tsis cia koj tseem nqis peev pab lub sij hawm, zog, nws yuav siv sij hawm kom paub tus me nyuam tej kev npau suav koj nraim?

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