Confiance & Témoignages

“A little baby enters your life and fills a special place in your heart, a place you never knew was empty.”

“We are blessed with a healthy baby boy!! Thank you for making our world more wonderful !!”

“We are completely in love!! Having a daughter is amazing. Thankyou for all your help in achieving our dream. I will be eternally grateful to you for your advice. Lots of love xx”

Mary, Uk After 4 boys, here comes a Healthy Baby Girl!

“We have no words to describe our appreciation for Alessandra, she helped us all the way… We are Blessed with a
8 pounds ,19 inches Healthy Baby Boy!”

James & Lisa Toronto, Canada

Why You Should Trust Us

Première, I assure you that our natural gender selection coaching services, and the method upon which our services are based on, are not a scam. My husband, Craig D. Linder, Esq., a prestigious, established and reputable nationwide lawyer (who is licensed to practice law in New York, California and Florida) and I, a licensed pregnancy massage therapist, created this comprehensive method and stand behind the method and the money-back guarantee. Just “Google” both of our names and you will see that my husband and I have a long history as highly respected and reputable individuals. En plus, I have been providing natural gender selection coaching for the past 10 years (since the birth of my oldest daughter, Sabrina, who was the outcome (as well as my younger daughter Amanda) of my gender selection method) and have been extremely successful in assisting my clients in conceiving babies of the gender they desire.

Deuxième, many natural gender selection service providers will promise you a 100% success rate. That is just completely untrue and deceptive because it does not factor in any possibility for human error on the part of the user of the method or product. As such, we cannot promise that you will be successful in following our method which underlies our coaching services. Our method is highly successful when followed properly. However, ultimately, your success in following our method lies with you as it completely depends on your ability to stick to the guidelines of the method and apply them properly on your own. We provide you with (1) 2-hours of coaching sessions with personalized training, feedback and in-depth compliance review, (2) our 60-page copywritten boy or girl Comprehensive Gender Selection Reference Manual, et (3) unlimited follow-up questions, to give you the tools to successfully follow the method on your own. You and your spouse will have final control over the outcome.

Third, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee unlike a lot of gender selection service providers because we believe in the effectiveness of our coaching services and the underlying method. We believe our 100% money-back guarantee is effective against any possible skewing of a success rate.

Fourth, the testimonials on this website are authentic and have been placed on the website for substantiation. To protect the privacy of our clients in accordance with our website’s privacy policy, we have abbreviated their last names.

Fifth, we are not some faceless company providing kits, manuals or other products. We provide personalized one-on-one coaching services to our clients and are directly accountable to them. Please feel free to contact us toll free (855) 647-2229 dans le États-Unis ou sans frais 000-800-100-4105 à INDE if you would like to get to know us better before purchasing our services.

Why You Should Trust Our Method

It has been scientifically proven, and for obvious reasons, that: (i) male bearing sperm are faster moving, but are weaker, have shorter life spans, and do not survive in an acidic environment, (ii) female bearing sperm are slower moving but are sturdier, have longer life spans and are able to exist in an acidic environment, et (iii) that that the timing of the ovulation cycle as well as the pH Level in a woman’s cervix are both important factors in that the sperm has to survive long enough in the woman’s reproductive tract (acidic or alkaline environment) to fertilize the egg.

Bien que basé sur une combinaison de méthodes acceptées socialement naturels scientifiquement prouvés au cours du dernier 50 YEARS to substantially increase one’s chances of conceiving a child of a desired sex, OUR COMPREHENSIVE METHOD’S TECHNIQUES are UNIQUE and more PRECISE que d'autres méthodes de sélection du sexe naturel ou de kits disponibles sur le marché. Par exemple, l'un de nos techniques fournit l'heure exacte (plutôt que le jour) de concevoir, supporting a higher success rate.

What We Do Not Do

Nous DO NOT use unsupervised and impersonal gender selection kits. These kits look inexpensive at first, but become expensive due to the need to use multiple kits (just add up the cost of the suggested kits, which can easily cost a minimum of $500!) under the kit programs as well as expensive shipping costs which become apparent when ordering. You might as well purchase the generic items included in the kits in bulk for a fraction of the price at the nearest discount store. En plus, incorrect assumptions are often made by kit users during the unsupervised application of gender selection test kits. Often the users of the kits have no idea what questions to be asking because they have no idea what they are doing wrong, which can make a world of a difference in the gender of the baby they ultimately conceive. These mistakes could have easily been prevented with our individual personalized one-on-one coaching, our in-depth compliance review and our one-on-one feedback.

Nous DO NOT use gender selection kits or gender selection services that rely solely on arbitrary “magical” ou “crucial” conception dates (which claim that the timing of the ovulation cycle does not matter). It is utterly illogical for these kits or methods to dismiss this scientifically proven fundamental principal (as the use of ovulation timing would logically increase the likelihood of success in conceiving a baby with a desired gender). Rather than use arbitrary “magical” ou “crucial” conception dates, you might as well throw darts at a board or look at a free Chinese lunar calendar online and hope for the best.

Nous DO NOT use the scientifically unproven natural method which assumes a female’s egg determines the gender of a baby. This is totally counter intuitive to the predominantly socially accepted scientifically proven principle that the male sperm determines the sex of the baby.

Nous DO NOT use risky and pricey high-tech fertility clinic gender selection procedures.


Here are select testimonials supporting our coaching services over the past 7 years.

May 22, 2005

Alessandra: Coming from a family of almost all boys, I really did not think it would be possible to conceive a girl. If it wasn’t for your assistance, I probably never would have. Thanks a lot for your assistance in getting the girl I always wanted.

Dave L., Miami, Floride

July 6, 2007

Dear Alessandra: Except for my sister, there are entirely boys on my dad’s side of the family going back almost 100 years. When I conceived a son after the first try, I knew that I would need gender selection assistance in getting the baby girl I always wanted. As I am a medical doctor, I am aware of the risks of fertility clinic procedures and not willing to do any of them. In my field, most doctors are pessimistic about natural forms of gender selection. However, your coaching services and the methods you rely on make sense to me as they are based on science. Thanks to you, I now have a little girl. I cannot express how much I appreciate your services and what you have done for my family.

Alan L., M.D., Los Angeles, California

February 12, 2008

To Alessandra: Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for coaching me in conceiving a baby boy. Along with our daughter, I now have a well-balanced family.

Christina and David A., Fort Lauderdale, Floride

October 25, 2010

[Translated from Portuguese] Alessandra: I am catholic and live in a country where picking the sex of your baby is still not well accepted by the church. However, I only wanted one child and for that child to be a girl. My husband and I really cannot afford to have many children, so we decided on a low cost sex selection. Unlike the church, I really don’t think there is anything religiously wrong with your natural method. Thanks for supporting me in my decision to use your method and the little baby girl that came from your efforts.

Paula M., Sao Paulo, Brésil

September 1, 2012

[Translated from Spanish] Dear Alessandra: Your coaching services came well recommended by a friend of mine who was visiting me from the United States. I decided to look you up because I already had two daughters and wanted my next and last child to be a son. During our initial contact, I found you to be very professional and your explanation of your method to be easy to follow and very convincing. My husband and I are very happy that we enlisted your services in conceiving a boy. His big sisters are very happy to have him as well.

Carmen and Antonio R., Madrid, Spain

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