“A baby is a little bit of heaven on earth”

Baby of My Dreams

健康な赤ちゃんを望むことは、常に私の優先事項であったが, それは常に女の赤ちゃんを持っているのが私の夢でした. 私が覚えていることができて以来、, I always wanted to have a baby girl that I could dress-up in cute pink clothes and put bows in her hair. Maybe my fascination for this came from playing with dolls when I was growing-up in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

When I got married, I realized my husband came from a family that has a very long history (five generations) of producing mostly male offspring. According to basic genetics, it has always been my understanding that the gender of a baby is determined by the sperm contributed by the father, which can be a Y gamete (male gender) or X gamete (female gender) and that under normal circumstances there is a 50% chance of conceiving a boy or girl. It has also been scientifically documented that some men genetically have more Y gametes than X gametes, which severely decreases the chances of conceiving a girl. I began to worry about ever realizing my dream of having a daughter. I knew it was going to be an uphill battle in getting the baby girl that I always wanted.

Research Leading to Our

Therefore, my husband and I conducted in depth research over a year on the various modern methods (both high tech and natural) being used to increase the chances of conceiving a particular gender. First, my husband and I read about the available high tech sperm separating procedures used in conjunction with artificial insemination. We became dissuaded from resorting to such sperm separating procedures because of the potential risks of genetic damage to the sperm (subjected to laser radiation, fluorescent dyes, and artificial insemination (IVF)) resulting in an unhealthy fetus upon fertilization or an unforeseen future detrimental effect on the child. That just was not a gamble my husband or I were about to take under any circumstance. In light of our strong desire to conceive a healthy child first and foremost, we decided to limit our research to all available natural methods. This is where we came up with our comprehensive method, which combines a number of the natural methods available (some of which report an overall 75% 女の子のための成功率と 80% 男の子のための成功率).

What Our Method

Our method involves, among many other things not mentioned here, (1) ovulation timing for regular and irregular women based on daily charting basal body temperature and cervical mucus and charting luteinizing hormone surges using ovulation prediction kits, (2) timing of intercourse, 禁欲, 排卵に対する相対と避妊, (3) 性交の頻度, (4) sexual positioning, penetration and orgasm, (5) 毎日の食事のガイドライン (許可と禁止された食品) effecting the PH in the female and the male body, (6) 特定のビタミンの消費, (7) 代替技術は、性別選択のための精子数の最適な増加または減少します, (8) male and female intake of caffeine (i.e., coffee) and its effect on the male sperm and female fertility, と (9) smoking and alcohol consumptions effect on fertility of men and women.

My Success Even In the
Face of Adversity

There were a couple of things working against me conceiving the baby girl of my dreams. 私が上で述べたように, my husband comes from a family that has a five generation history of almost completely male offspring on his father’s side of the family. Based on my husband’s family history, my husband may very well fall into the category of men that have more Y gametes (boy gender) than X gametes (female gender), which severely decreases the chances of conceiving a girl. Second, my menstrual cycles are completely irregular making it extremely difficult for me to pinpoint when I typically ovulate. Therefore, my husband and I had to apply extreme caution when following the guidelines of the various natural methods. First, I charted and prepped my body (as well as my husband) for conceiving a girl, following the guidelines in the strictest sense. I determined that due to my irregularity my earliest date, average date, and latest date of ovulation was on the 11th, 15th, and 19th day after my period. Using this information and following the other guidelines in the strictest sense and using extreme caution as to the timing of intercourse, we conceived a baby girl, my daughter Sabrina.

About a year after Sabrina was born, I discussed having another child with my husband. We agreed that we both wanted another baby girl, a sister for Sabrina to grow-up with and play with. We refreshed our recollection about the numerous guidelines of our natural comprehensive method. Since my body went through so many changes over my pregnancy with Sabrina, I did not want to assume that the information we gathered during our conception of Sabrina was still accurate. Once again I charted and prepped my body (as well as my husband) for conceiving a girl, following the guidelines in the strictest sense. I determined that my earliest date, average date, and latest date of ovulation was on the 11th, 13th, and 16th day after my period. check that Following the guidelines in the strictest sense and using extreme caution as to the timing of intercourse, we conceived another baby girl, my daughter Amanda.

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