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Kuv kawm tau zoo tshaj In the Face of Adversity

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Txog li ib lub xyoos tom qab yug Sabrina, Kuv tham nrog lwm tus menyuam nrog kuv tus txiv. Peb pom zoo kom peb leej xav dua me nyuam ntxhais, tus muam Sabrina kom loj ncaws nrog thiab ua si nrog rau cov. Peb recollection txog cov txheej txheem heev heev ntawm peb txoj kev qhia ntawv tej refreshed peb. Vim kuv lub cev mus los ntawm ntau yam thiaj li hloov kuv lub cev xeeb tub uas muaj Sabrina, Kuv tsis xav kom muaj kev pov plob hais tias cov xov xwm uas peb sib sau lub sij hawm peb conception ntawm Sabrina yog tseem yog. Ib zaug dua kuv charted thiab prepped kuv lub cev (as Well as kuv txiv) kev conceiving ib tug zuj zus rau (6) lub hlis no lub sij hawm, raws li cov txheej txheem rau cov kev txiav txim zoo strictest. Thaum lub hli thib rau caij, Kuv txiav txim tau tias kuv hnub earliest, nruab nrab hnub, thiab muaj tseeb hnub ovulation nyob rau lub 11th, 13th, thiab 16th hnub tom qab lub sijhawm kuv. Zuj zus plaub lub hlis, raws li cov txheej txheem rau cov kev txiav txim zoo strictest thiab siv huab ceev faj raws li cov sij hawm poob ntawm com, peb thaum kawg xeeb dua me nyuam ntxhais, Kuv tus ntxhais Amanda.

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