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“Naturally Choosing the Sex of Your Baby with My Safe, Affordable and Effective Method”

We all want a healthy baby. There is no question about that, so it’s rarely even a spoken question, just an assumption. The real question starts to come when you think about the sex of your baby. Do you want a girl or a boy? That is certainly a loaded question. Some would argue that we all have a preference, even if we don’t admit it. Others openly say that only sometimes does the preference surface, for example if you already have a boy and this time you’d like a girl or vice versa.

Warning: If You Are One Of The Many People Out There Who Prefer to Conceive a Baby Girl or a Baby Boy, You No Longer Need to Leave the Decision Completely to Fate. You Can Now Lend Fate a Helping Hand in Conceiving the Child Of Your Dreams With My Natural Gender Selection Techniques. Before Attempting to Conceive Your First or Next Child, I Strongly Suggest You Read The Following:

From The Desk of Alessandra Rodrigues Linder, LPMT and Craig D. Linder, Esq.

Alessandra Rodrigues LinderBaby Natural Gender Selection

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Baby Natural Gender Selection, Inc. (B.N.G.S.)
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Dear Friend,


My name is Alessandra Rodrigues Linder. My husband, a highly respected and reputable Florida lawyer, and I have created an extremely effective natural method of gender selection. Our method is so effective that we back it with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. But before I reveal the secret to our method of conceiving the baby girl or baby boy of your dreams, I want to tell you how the method came about and exactly why you should read every last word of this letter…

Conceive Baby Girl

Our Method

Although wanting a healthy baby has always been my priority, it has always been my dream to have a baby girl. Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to have a baby girl that I could dress-up in cute pink clothes and put bows in her hair…


Baby Gender Predication


My practice as a licensed pregnancy massage therapist in South Florida has given me the opportunity to speak with many pregnant clients about my comprehensive natural method to increase their chances of conceiving a particular gender for their next child…

Gender Selection Reference Manual

Pricing & Coaching Services

With our Money-Back Guaranteed coaching program you will receive: (1) 2 hours of coaching sessions (Personal Training Session and Personal Feedback Session), (2) our proprietary copyrighted Comprehensive Gender Selection Reference Manual (containing over 60 pages of our trade secrets including easy-to-read and easy-to-follow instructions, charts and illustrations), and (3) unlimited follow-up questions…

Determining sex of the baby

Trust & Testimonials

Though based on a combination of socially-accepted natural methods scientifically proven over the past 50 years to substantially increase one’s chances of conceiving a child of a desired sex, our comprehensive method’s techniques are UNIQUE and more PRECISE than other natural gender selection methods or kits available on the market. For example, one of our techniques provides the EXACT HOUR (rather than day) to conceive, supporting a higher success rate…


And The Biggest
Advantage Of All…
Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Nothing would make me happier than to successfully assist a couple in conceiving the child of their dreams. I am so confident that you are going to conceive the sex of the baby of your choice that I am putting it in writing…


This is the Most Important
Decision of Your Life!

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It will never be easier than this. Listen, I have been in your shoes and I had to figure out a NATURAL SUCCESSFUL GENDER SELECTION METHOD the hard way – on my own. When you sign up to be coached by me, I take all of the guess work out of getting the sex of the baby of your choice. You just follow my comprehensive natural method and success will come… I guarantee it!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me here.


Alessandra Rodrigues Linder, LPMT

English · Spanish · Portuguese

Alessandra Rodrigues LinderBaby Natural Gender Selection

Baby Natural Gender Selection, Inc. (B.N.G.S.)
USA: Toll Free (855) 647-2229 (855) NGS-BABY
INDIA: Toll Free 000-800-100-4105

P.S. – Don’t forget that you are completely protected by our guarantee. There is absolutely no risk on your part. So go ahead and enter your name and email or give me a call today so you can start planning for the baby of your dreams!

I hate spam and will never sell, trade or abuse your email… Ever!

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